Sally B., 82, Greensburg, PA

Sally Brisbane, a resident of Westmoreland Manor in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, had her wish to have dinner at Red Lobster granted, thanks to our Westmoreland County chapter. Brisbane, 82, has been a resident of Westmoreland Manor for over four years. She has very few family members nearby and is wheelchair bound so it is difficult for her to leave the facility. Brisbane is well known in Westmoreland Manor for cheering up other residents and is the treasurer of the Resident Council there. She was nominated by Renee Kessler, another resident there who had her wish granted last summer. Brisbane enjoyed dinner at Red Lobster with several of the Westmoreland County chapter volunteers. Thank you to Red Lobster for donating appetizers for this special meal. Thank you also to Fayette EMS for assisting with the transportation of Brisbane even though it is out of their service area.

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