Ben B., 82, Bristol, PA

Ben Baltazar, a resident of Bristol, Pennsylvania, had his wish to have a motorized scooter granted, thanks to  Twilight Wish Foundation. Baltazar, 81, is a Navy veteran who served during Vietnam. He suffered a stroke in February of 2021 and has limited mobility. Baltazar is mostly homebound and has only been able to leave his home four times during the past year. Having a lightweight, foldable motorized scooter will allow him the freedom to leave his apartment more often. His children will be able to take him out to lunch and other family events, improving his quality of life. Prior to his stroke, Baltazar was an active member of his community and church. In his younger years, he volunteered in South Philadelphia distributing food to the underserved. Because he lives on a fixed income, he cannot afford the scooter on his own. Thanks to a generous donor, his wish was granted on Wednesday, February 8, 2023.

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