Thomas O., 59, Greensburg, PA

Thomas Opfer, a resident of The Rehabilitation & Nursing Center at Greater Pittsbugh in Greensburg, had his wish to see The Who in concert granted, thanks to our Westmoreland County chapter and the employees of DNP Imagingcomm America Corporation. Thomas, 59, lives in long term care because he can no longer care for himself. He is well known in his facility for being pleasant and kind. Opfer delivers the mail and calendars to other residents and visits with them. Thanks to funding raised by the employees of DNP Imagingcomm, Opfer (and an aide) was transported to the concert on May 30th and also enjoyed dinner beforehand. Several of these generous employees presented Thomas with the tickets, gift card for dinner and Who merchandise on May 24th at his nursing facility.

Robert S., 73, Greensburg, PA

Robert Smith, a resident of Greensburg, Pennsylvania, had his last wish to have his beloved dogs visit him in his nursing facility granted, thanks to our Westmoreland County chapter.  Robert, 73, was in hospice care and his health was rapidly declining. He wanted to see the two family dogs, Gizmo and Rascal, one more time, but could not  leave the facility. Both dogs needed their shots updated before they could visit him in the nursing home, but Robert’s family could not afford to get them vaccinated on their limited income. Thanks to our Westmoreland County chapter, Gizmo and Rascal were vaccinated and groomed and visited Robert on Wednesday, February 20th.  Although Robert was mostly unresponsive, his family felt that he knew the dogs were there with him. Sadly, later that night, Robert passed away.

Mary L., 65, Derry, PA

Mary Lash, 65, a resident of Derry, Pennsylvania, had her simple wish for a last Valentine’s dinner with her husband granted, thanks to our Westmoreland County chapter.    Mary is in hospice care and has been given less than three months to live. She and her husband have been together for over 40 years and have always taken care of each other. Mary wished for one last Valentine’s dinner with him so that he will remember this after she is gone. Our Westmoreland County chapter arranged for dinner to be brought in from a local restaurant  for a lovely celebration for them.

Carol L., 71, Jeannette, PA

Carol Litrun, 71, a resident of a nursing facility in Jeannette, Pennsylvania, had her special wish for a day out of her facility granted by our Westmoreland County chapter. Litrun has MS and has lived in her facility for over three years; her husband passed away in 2017. She wished to go to Mass in a Catholic Church and go to bingo! Our Westmoreland chapter had a wonderful time granting this simple but  meaningful wish.

Don R., 80, Ruppsdale, PA

Don Rupert, 80, a resident of Ruppsdale, PA recently had his wish for hearing aids granted by our Westmoreland County, PA chapter. Rupert has hearing loss and needs hearing aids but could not afford them on his own. Thanks to Beltone, his wish was granted on November 20, 2018.

Judith S., 77, Mount Pleasant, PA

Judith Shaw, 77, a resident of Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania, recently had her wish for a lift chair granted by our Westmoreland County, PA chapter.

Eleanor M., 86, Greensburg, PA

Our Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania chapter recently granted Eleanor’s wish for  a lift chair. As is often the case, she needed one, but could not afford it on her limited income. Her wish was granted on September 27, 2018.

Emma M., 90, Jeannette, PA

Emma Jane Monstrola, a resident of Jeannette, Pennsylvania, had her wish to visit the White House granted, thanks to the Westmoreland County chapter of national nonprofit Twilight Wish Foundation.  Monstrola, who will turn 91 in November, has always dreamed of visiting the iconic White House in Washington, D.C. However, being widowed and having her children geographically spread across the U.S. left her with little options to make this wish come true.

Luckily, the Westmoreland Chapter found out about Monstrola’s wish and went about planning this deserving woman’s wish. Despite being 90, Monstrola volunteers five days a week at the Jeannette Senior Center and is in charge of the kitchen there. In addition, she volunteers at her church. Monstrola, who was accompanied by volunteer Melanie Glowacki, not only visited the White House, but also saw many of the memorials and sights in D.C.

Emily K., 71, Ruffsdale, PA

Our Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania chapter recently granted Emily King’s simple wish for a reclining lift chair. Emily, 71, has severe arthritis and struggles to get out of her current chair. Receiving the lift chair will greatly improve her quality of life. Thank you to Levin’s Furniture for discounting the cost of the chair and providing free delivery.