Barry G., Pompano Beach, FL

Barry Greco, a resident of Pompano Beach, Florida, had his wish to “get his smile back”recently granted. A few years ago, Greco was in a major accident which left him reliant on a wheelchair to get around. In addition, he fell and broke several of his teeth. Because of COVID and a compromised immune system, he wasn’t able to go to the dentist for several years.  He is very selfconscious about his smile and wished for assistance in getting it back. Prior to his accident, Greco was a Pre-K religious education teacher for several years. Despite his medical issues, he currently volunteers for the Be My Eyes app, assisting the blind virtually. He also plays the keyboard and sings in worship services in his community. Years ago, Greco auditioned and got a role in the Starz show “Magic City” which opened up other opportunities for him to work in film. His most notable success was being featured as “The American Business Man” in the George W. Bush Presidential Museum and Library. A wish granting celebration honoring him for all he has done for others was held at his community on Friday, July 21st. Thank you to Yolanda Cintron, DMD of The International Center for Dental Excellence for her assistance in making this wish come true. Thank you also to Healing Hands of Hope Charities for donating funds toward this wish. 

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