Roger W., 82, Hatfield, PA

Roger Whitaker, a resident of Hatfield, Pennsylvania, had his wish to sail on a wind-driven sailing ship one more time granted. Whitaker, 82, enlisted in the Navy at 17 years of age, which is where his love of the sea began. Since then, he has lived and worked at sea all throughout his life. He volunteered for seven years as a restoration shipwright on the light ship “Overfalls” in Lewes, Delaware and for two years as a restoration shipwright on the light ship “Barnegat.” For 12 years, Whitaker was the restoration shipwright and Chief Engineer & Training Officer on the tall ship “Gazela” in Philadelphia. In addition, Whitaker was a volunteer firefighter for 20 years with the Wissahickon Fire Company and also served as a volunteer cook for community Thanksgiving and Christmas meals. His wish to sail one more time and experience the peace of mind and body that he’s always loved on the water, was granted when he boarded the “Gazela,” the same tall ship he worked on for 12 years, to sail the Delaware River on Tuesday, July 18, 2023. This wish would not have been possible without the Gazela and its dedicated volunteers. Thank you also to King Limousine for discounting the cost of transportation for Whitaker. 

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