Tom C., 72, Newton, NJ

Thomas Conklin, 72, has been fighting multiple sclerosis for over 38 years, living in his nursing facility for the last 11 of those years.  Because of the progression of his disease, he can no longer operate his power chair and has not been able to leave the building since August of 2011.  Knowing that a specialized wheelchair that would allow him to return to the activities he once enjoyed, his wife, Linda, submitted the wish request to Twilight Wish on his behalf. 

On May 1, 2013, Conklin was surprised when his new wheelchair was delivered to his nursing facility, courtesy of Twilight Wish Foundation!  Escorted by a cavalcade of motorcycle riders from Warriors’ Watch and the American Legion, Twilight Wish’s Long Island, NY chapter director, James Ciervo, delivered the new specialized wheelchair to Conklin. 

Conklin is an Air Force veteran and father of four boys.  When first diagnosed years ago, he was in denial and continued working three jobs in order to support his family.  The new wheelchair will allow Conklin some mobility, giving him the opportunity to take “walks” around the grounds of the facility with his wife who is also a resident and wheelchair-bound. Special thanks to Robert Mosco of Port Jefferson, NY who donated the wheelchair.

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