Gerald B., 82, New York, NY

Gerald Busby, 82, had his wish for a new computer granted, thanks to our New York chapter. Busby is an accomplished composer who is best known for his work on “A Wedding,” “3 Women,” and “The Pilot.” He is now primarily homebound and spends most of his time writing music. Unfortunately, his computer is outdated and obsolete and he needs a new one to continue his work. Because he lives on a limited income, he cannot afford one on his own. Thanks to generous donors, his wish was granted on October 17, 2018.

Betty J., 83, New York, NY

Our Long Island, New York chapter recently granted Betty Johnson’s wish for a reclining lift chair and a new mattress. Betty suffers from back pain and had been sleeping in a chair that did not recline. She was thrilled to receive both a new reclining lift chair and a new mattress which will improve her quality of life.

Gerald B., 82, New York, NY

Gerald is primarily home bound due to a few serious ailments.  He is a published composer and spends most of his time writing music.  He finds composing therapeutic and helps him sustain his quality of life.  He has even provided music to charities and foundations.

His current equipment is very outdated.  His greatest wish is to have new equipment so he can continue to compose music and send it out to others.  Thanks to our generous donors, Gerald has had his wish granted!



Dora B., 80, Patchogue, NY

Dora Baranoff, 80, a resident of New York, recently had her simple wish for an electric wheelchair granted by our Long Island, New York chapter. Dora is a bilateral amputee who volunteers 6-7 days a week at a local nursing facility. This very deserving lady was thrilled to have her wish granted!

Jim F., 69, New York, NY

Jim Fouratt, 75, a resident of New York City, had his simple wish for a new bicycle granted, thanks to the New York chapter of national nonprofit Twilight Wish Foundation. Jim relies on his bike to navigate the city, to get to his doctor appointments and as a way to keep fit.  Recently, his bike was stolen and, because he lives on a fixed income, he couldn’t afford to replace it on his own. Jim has a long history of community involvement in many issues including the anti-war movement and the gay liberation movement. He was nominated by his social worker who wrote that “a new bicycle is a vital necessity that will also help revitalize his spirit.” His wish was granted on Saturday, November 19, 2016.

John M., 84, Westhampton, NY

John McCabe, 84, a resident of Westhampton, NY, had his wish for an electric wheelchair granted, thanks to our New York chapter.  John, a permanent resident of Westhampton Care Center, wished for an electric wheelchair which will allow him to navigate on his own and maintain some independence.  It will also give him the freedom to leave the facility and take part in activities that he currently cannot do because he has to rely on others to get around.  John served in the Coast Guard during the Korean War on the USS Vance. In addition, he gave generously of his time, talents and resources to many in the community throughout his lifetime. He is a 50-year member of the Riverhead Lions Club, served on the board of directors for Riverhead Library and is past president of Foxwood Village in Calverton. In addition, he was very involved in St. John the Evangelist R.C. Church, serving as lector and Eucharistic minister. His wish was granted on Thursday, November 17, 2016.

Mary T., 94, Brooklyn, NY

Mary Thomas, 95, a resident of Brooklyn, will have her simple wish for a room makeover granted, thanks to our Long Island, New York chapter. Thomas was recently discharged from a nursing facility and now lives in the ground floor of her former home. She is homebound and requires 24-hour care. The room she is living in now is very dark and paneled and needs furnishings.  Her case manager nominated her to have a room makeover to make her more at home and comfortable. New York chapter director James Ciervo and volunteers transformed Thomas’ room from dingy to warm and cozy. Thomas  received a new bed, dresser, easy chair, and more, plus a television that she can actually see. This room makeover took place on Tuesday, July 5th at her home.

Judith P., 71, Enfield, CT

Judith Partridge, a resident of St. Joseph’s Residence in Enfield, CT, had her wish for a power wheelchair granted, thanks to our Long Island, NY chapter. Partridge has several medical conditions and is wheelchair bound. Her only method of getting around was using a manual wheelchair so she either had to rely on others to push her around or had to use her feet to push the chair herself. Partridge served in the Medical Corps of the U.S. Army as a medical specialist working in physical therapy. After her discharge, she belonged to the American Legion and was involved in supporting other veterans. A generous donor bought the chair for her and James Ciervo, our Long Island, NY chapter director delivered it on Thursday, March 10th.

Linda G., 78, New York, NY

Linda Gorelik, 78, a resident of New York City, had her simple wish for a new television granted, thanks to the New York chapter of national nonprofit Twilight Wish Foundation. Gorelik is housebound because of several medical issues and lives alone with her cat who she rescued as a kitten, finding her on the street shortly after the September 11th attack. With no family or friends near her, Gorelik relies on her favorite shows and movies for entertainment. Her old television no longer works and, because she lives on a fixed income, Gorelik couldn’t afford to replace it on her own. She worked for years in advertising, creating several public service campaigns, including one for The International Center in New York. Her wish for a new television was granted on October 28, 2015.