Stella, 90, Donora, PA

Stella Banahasky, 90, a resident of Donora, Pennsylvania, had her wish for an electric lift chair granted, thanks to Twilight Wish Foundation. 

Banahasky lives with her daughter, but is alone during the day while her daughter is at work. Due to several medical issues including arthritis, it is difficult for her to get up and out of her chair on her own. Her daughter submitted the wish application on her behalf, requesting an electric lift chair that would make it easier for her to get up and out of her chair more easily and lessen the risk of her falling.  Her simple wish came true on Friday, January 13th, when her new lift chair was delivered.  Special thanks to Progressive Mobility and Medical of Washington, PA who discounted the cost of the chair for Twilight Wish and to a generous donor who sponsored the wish.

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