Ruth B., 86, Greensburg, PA

Ruth Behary, 86, a resident of Hempfield Manor in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, had her wish to visit with cats granted, thanks to our Westmoreland County chapter. Behary lives in a nursing facility and, because of COVID, has been very isolated and lonely. She had cats her whole life to keep her company and still misses them dearly. Behary keeps their photos on her windowsill and speaks of them often. The Westmoreland County chapter arranged for Behary to visit The Caffeinated Cat Café in Greensburg which  opened just for her so she can spend some quality time out of the facility with her favorite animals! In addition, the Westmoreland County chapter gave her an interactive stuffed cat to keep her company in the nursing facility. A huge thank you to the Caffeinated Cat Café for making this wish so special!

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