Rowena K., 79, Reno, NV

Rowena Pattee Kryder, a visionary artist and author, had her Twilight Wish to see her work brought to a broader receptive audience through a gallery granted, thanks to Twilight Wish Foundation, a locally-based nonprofit, and the Friends of Rowena.  Kryder, a resident of Reno, Nevada, is 79 years old and in failing health. She has been forced to live from her savings, which are dwindling rapidly.   Her last wish is to have her collection of artwork framed and shown in a gallery. Her work has been called “sacred art” and illustrates her expansive world view. Through this exhibit at a private gallery in New Hope,   her art will be brought to the world, giving her the recognition she deserves.  Although Kryder is too ill to travel from Reno to New Hope, she was present for part of the exhibit via skype. 

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