Joyce B., 86, Gainesville, TX

Joyce Blakely, a resident of Gainesville, Texas, had her wish to attend her family reunion recently granted.  Blakely, 86, is a widow and lives on her own. She wished to attend her family reunion as she hadn’t seen many of her family members in over ten years. Blakely had always been very independent and involved in many activities, but since she no longer drives, often feels isolated.  

 When Blakely was younger, she was involved with Bucknard Orphanage for many years and was instrumental in coordinating holiday home visits for the children there. In addition, Blakely taught special education and children’s Sunday School for many years. Her wish was granted on Sunday, June 11, 2023 when she was picked up in a limousine, along with her children, and driven to her reunion in Lone Oak, Texas. A huge thank you to Jerry Doyle of Veteran’s Executive Limousine Service for transporting Blakely and her family to the reunion free of charge.  

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