Gloria L., 79, Mattoon, IL

Gloria Lindley, a resident of Mattoon, Illinois, had her wish for eSight  granted, thanks to Twilight Wish Foundation and the Mattoon Lions Club. Gloria, 79, has been losing her sight to macular degeneration for a long time. Without an assistive device, she has a visual acuity of 20/400 in both eyes. With eSight 4, a medical device designed to enhance low vision, she was able to read the eye chart at a 20/40 level. Lindley, who raised her two sons on her own, lives alone on a fixed income and can’t afford the cost of the eSight glasses on her own. Twilight Wish reached out to the Mattoon Lions Club who agreed to assist with this wish and generously covered the cost of the eSight.  Gloria joined  the Mattoon Lions Club at their monthly meeting in November in celebration of having her wish granted.

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