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Mary Ann G., 69, Pittsburgh, PA

Mary Ann Girlardo, a resident of Pittsburgh, PA, recently had her wish for a new winter coat, gloves and hat granted by our Allegheny County chapter. She was very grateful to have her simple, but necessary, wish granted before the cold weather really set in!

John & Cookie K., 91 & 90, Plymouth, MN

John and Cookie Kolodziejczyk, residents of Maple Grove, Minnesota, will have their wish to see their beloved Green Bay Packers play in person granted, thanks to Twilight Wish Foundation and the Minnesota Vikings. John, 91, and Cookie, 90, are lifelong Packers fans. They recently moved from their home they built 68 years ago in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to senior living in Minneapolis to be near their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Not only do they miss their home and friends, but both have chronic health issues and need to use assistive mobility devices.  A Korean War veteran, John has been disabled for many years due to a mining accident. Cookie recently had a heart valve replaced and worked various jobs until her retirement.  Because finances were limited, they never had the chance to experience a live football game with their favorite team. Now, though, their wish will come true thanks to the generosity of the Packers’ rival on game day: the Minnesota Vikings who generously donated tickets and a handicapped parking pass! Thanks also to the Green Bay Packers for donating Packers’ warm hats, scarves and blankets to keep John and Cookie warm during the game in Minneapolis!

Janet C., 91, Laughlitown, PA

Janet Carns, 91, a resident of Laughlitown, PA, recently had her wish for a lift chair granted by our Westmoreland County chapter. Janet is in hospice care for cancer and often sleeps on the couch due to her back pain. She needed a lift chair, but could not afford one on her limited income. Janet wants to remain as independent as possible and a lift chair will allow her to do this.

Ella Mae S., 94, Pittsburgh, PA

Ella Mae Smith, a resident of Pittsburgh, will have her simple wish for coloring books, word search books, colored pencils and mystery novels granted, thanks to our Allegheny County chapter. Ella Mae, who is 94, lives on her own in senior housing and is homebound. To pass the time and keep her mind off her pain, she loves to color and read. Prior to being homebound, Ella Mae volunteered at the Allentown Senior Center and was active in her building, volunteering at the food bank, in activities, and gardening. Volunteers from the Allegheny Chapter delivered an assortment of books, colored pencils and a lap desk to Smith on October 28th.

Betty C., 97, Ocala, FL

Betty Carstens, a resident of Marian Oaks Assisted Living in Ocala, had her wish for an AM/FM stereo headset granted. Betty, 97, is legally blind and cannot watch TV. She loves listening to music but does not have a radio in her room. Having her own headset will allow her to listen to music and “dance” to it by tapping her feet to the rhythm. Betty was an RN for many years in several states. Her simple wish was granted on Wednesday, October 20th.

Lewis B., 67, Pittsburgh, PA

Lewis Bauer, 67, a resident of Pittsburgh, PA, recently had his wish for a lift chair granted by our Allegheny County chapter. Lewis is often in a great deal of pain and has difficulty getting up out of his chair. Having a lift chair will greatly improve his quality of life.

Phillip H., 90, Greensburg, PA

Phillip Horrell, 90, a resident of Greensburg, Pennsylvania, had his wish for an electric keyboard granted, thanks to our Westmoreland County chapter. Phillip, who has been blind since birth, is recently widowed and lives on his own. He enjoys participating in “music night” in the community room of his apartment building with his neighbors. Horrell plays the guitar and sings but wanted a keyboard so he could share more of his musical talents with his neighbors. He was surprised with a keyboard and accessories during a surprise wish granting event at his building on October 15th.

Gloria L., 79, Mattoon, IL

Gloria Lindley, a resident of Mattoon, Illinois, had her wish for eSight  granted, thanks to Twilight Wish Foundation and the Mattoon Lions Club. Gloria, 79, has been losing her sight to macular degeneration for a long time. Without an assistive device, she has a visual acuity of 20/400 in both eyes. With eSight 4, a medical device designed to enhance low vision, she was able to read the eye chart at a 20/40 level. Lindley, who raised her two sons on her own, lives alone on a fixed income and can’t afford the cost of the eSight glasses on her own. Twilight Wish reached out to the Mattoon Lions Club who agreed to assist with this wish and generously covered the cost of the eSight.  Gloria joined  the Mattoon Lions Club at their monthly meeting in November in celebration of having her wish granted.

Mariann M., Willow Grove, PA

Marian McAndrew, a resident of Garden Spring Center in Willow Grove, recently had her wish for an Android tablet granted. Mariann loves to borrow the social services tablet at her nursing facility to use for entertainment but, because there are so many residents that also need to use it for telehealth appointments, there is limited availability of it. Because of health issues and her limited mobility, she spends most of her days in her bed or in a geri chair. Mariann has no close friends or family that visit her, so the using the tablet brings her great joy. Having her own to use whenever she wants will greatly improve her quality of life. Her wish was granted on Wednesday, October 6, 2021.

Della A., 92, Vernon, PA

Della Arrington, 92, a resident of Vernon, PA, had her wish for  heated massage mat and back support pillow granted by our Allegheny County chapter on December 13, 2020.  Della was confined to either her bed or a chair because of her health issues and both items would give her comfort and pain relief.  According to her nurse who nominated her for the wish, Della’s favorite thing about having her wish granted was her Twilight Wish certificate.  She kept it on the dining room table and would look at it throughout the day, pick it up, read it and smile, saying “I can’t believe that someone thinks I’m special.” Della used the massage mat and back support pillow every day to keep warm and comfortable.  Della had lost her husband earlier in the year to COVID and was not well herself.  Sadly, she passed away in late January 2021, but did so knowing she was loved and appreciated.