Carmen M., 74, Allentown, PA

Carmen Melecio, a resident of Allentown, Pennsylvania, recently had her wish for a reclining lift chair granted.   Melecio, 74, has several medical issues and recently broke her arm so she is not able to sleep in her bed. She only has a 16-year-old futon to sit and sleep on and it is causing bedsores. In addition, she has swelling in her legs and was told she should sleep with her legs elevated. Because she lives on a fixed income, Melecio cannot afford a reclining lift chair on her own. This is the first Lehigh Valley wish granted thanks to bingo fundraisers hosted by Lehigh Valley Aging in Place members Mary Ann Pickell and Carol Frawley of Care Patrol of Lehigh Valley; Maria Santacoloma agent/owner of United Healthcare, and Sherri Bell Ogada of Fox Rehabilitation. Thank you to Cliff Mailloux of AmeriGlide Lehigh Valley for discounting the cost of the lift chair.

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