Entries by Mary Farrell

Al V., 82, Hatboro, PA

Al Vasso, a resident of Luther Woods in Hatboro, Pennsylvania, had his wish to visit the Roundhouse one more time granted on May 17, 2019.  Al, 82, worked as both a policeman and as a plain clothes detective for the Philadelphia Police Department for many years, working in the District Attorney’s office for some time. […]

Skyland Care Center Residents, Sylva, NC

The residents of Skyland Care Center had their wish to have The Chuckwagon Gang perform at their facility granted on May 17, 2019. Many of the residents there love gospel music but, because of medical issues, are unable to leave the facility to attend a concert. Last year, one resident said, after attending a Chuckwagon […]

David J., 80, Clark, NJ

David Jankovic, 80, had his wish to visit a park and have lunch at Applebee’s with his wife and daughter granted, thanks to our Northern New Jersey chapter.   David and his wife, Barbara, live together in Clark Nursing & Rehabilitation Center.  Because of their medical conditions, they need medical transport to and from their nursing […]

John Q., 85, Plum, PA

John Quint, 85, a resident of Plum, PA, recently had his wish for hearing aids granted, thanks to our Allegheny County chapter. John needed hearing aids, but couldn’t afford them on his own. He is very involved in organizing social activities in the senior community where he lives and struggled to hear others during these […]

Walter F., Erie, PA

Walter’s wish for new sneakers was granted by our Erie chapter on May 14, 2019. Walter walks every day and was in need of a new pair, but couldn’t afford them on his own.  In the past, Walter was very involved with his church and helped out in any way that he could.  A big […]

Jackie H., Erie, PA

Jackie’s wish for a gift card to help cover costs for her sick dog was fulfilled in April 2019 by our Erie chapter. Jackie assists others who live in her apartment complex with transportation. She also helps clean the common areas in the building. Jackie is a very caring person and would do anything for […]

David G., Erie, PA

David G.’s wish for a gas gift card was fulfilled by our Erie chapter in April of 2019. David served in the Navy during the Vietnam War and is known to help out other residents of the apartment complex where he lives.

JFK Senior Center, Erie, PA

The Erie County chapter of Twilight Wish Foundation presented the JFK Senior Center with a check for $250 to assist with their popular bingo with gifts activity.  The funds will be used to purchase household supplies, personal hygiene items, and snacks.  This allows the seniors to use their limited incomes for major expenses such as […]

Fred H., 69, Erie, PA

Fred Heidt, 69, a resident of Erie, Pennsylvania, had his wish for a rotor for his TV antennae granted thanks to our Erie, PA chapter. Fred was active as a volunteer for Tamarck Wildlife Rehab as a transport and capture for injured animals.