Arlene D., 74, Export, PA

Arlene Delaney, 74, recently had her wish for a new washing machine granted, thanks to the Westmoreland County chapter of Twilight Wish and H.H. Gregg Appliances and Electronics who discounted the cost of the new washing machine.  A former CNA, Delaney took care of her husband and parents until all three of them passed away.  She now lives alone and can no longer drive herself because of the lingering effects from suffering a stroke and brain aneurysm.  Her 15 year-old washing machine recently broke and it was difficult for Delaney to get to the laundromat.  Because of her limited income, she could not afford to replace the washing machine on her own.  Her new washing machine was delivered on February 20, 2012 by H.H. Gregg.

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