Robert S., 73, Greensburg, PA

Robert Smith, a resident of Greensburg, Pennsylvania, had his last wish to have his beloved dogs visit him in his nursing facility granted, thanks to our Westmoreland County chapter.  Robert, 73, was in hospice care and his health was rapidly declining. He wanted to see the two family dogs, Gizmo and Rascal, one more time, but could not  leave the facility. Both dogs needed their shots updated before they could visit him in the nursing home, but Robert’s family could not afford to get them vaccinated on their limited income. Thanks to our Westmoreland County chapter, Gizmo and Rascal were vaccinated and groomed and visited Robert on Wednesday, February 20th.  Although Robert was mostly unresponsive, his family felt that he knew the dogs were there with him. Sadly, later that night, Robert passed away.

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