Up, Up and Away!!

Miriam Krause, a resident of St. Martha Manor in Downingtown, Pa., celebrated her 100th birthday by having her wish to ride in a hot air balloon granted. Miriam, who turned 100 on September 10, 2012, always wanted to ride in a hot air balloon but never had the chance. She was adventurous from a young age. In fact, after Miriam saw an acrobat on the trapeze at the circus, her family built one for her in their backyard! Her wish was granted on September 11th, thanks to donor Mary Forkin. The big, beautiful red balloon took off at 6 a.m. with Miriam, her children, and grandchildren. Although it was chilly, Miriam loved every minute, commenting that the “trees looked like parsley!”

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  1. Cass Forkin
    Cass Forkin says:

    A very special thank you to my caring and compassionate, hard-working and gifted sister, Mary Bernadette Forkin, MSN, who donated $1250 in HONOR OF MARY A. BOSTON, a senior my sister admired and loved who was a lifelong volunteer at Roxborough Memorial Hospital and passed away in her 90's last year. Without my sister this wish would not have been granted. – I love you, Mary. Thank you for all you do! Sorry the weather did not cooperate and you were not able to go up in the balloon on Monday as planned! Cass


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