Steven K., Doylestown, PA

Steven Korngut is a resident of Golden LivingCenters in Doylestown. An avid reader and writer, he spends his days writing in his journal and takes his writing very seriously. Due to his medical situation, he is unable to leave the facility to go to the library or book store and cannot use a computer to do research. His wish for a set of encyclopedias came true on Thursday, September 19, 2013 when Twilight Wish representatives delivered two donated sets of encyclopedias to the nursing facility. In addition, Patricia Gallagher, affectionately known as the “Flower Lady” delivered bouquets of flowers to the residents. Gallagher, a resident of Chalfont, collects day-old bouquets at area Trader Joe’s locations and distributes them to nursing home residents. She has delivered over 3,200 bouquets since beginning her deliveries in May of 2013.

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