Shirley H., 76, Bedford, MA

Shirley Hufnagle, a resident of Bedford Hills Care and Rehabilitation in Bedford, MA, was granted her Twilight Wish to return to the ocean one more time, thanks to a partnership between  Twilight Wish Foundation and the operator of the Bedford Hills nursing center, SunBridge Healthcare

Shirley is 76 and has Alzheimer’s Disease.  She is currently in hospice care.   Born in England, she was very athletic, golfed and played tennis, even competed at Wimbledon. Shirley, her husband and children went to the beach all the time.  Her husband wanted her to be able to see the ocean one more time and feel the sand on her feet.  Her wish was granted on Saturday, October 8th, 2011, a beautiful, sunny day. Shirley, her husband and daughter spent the day on Plum Island and enjoyed lunch together.  According to her nurse, Shirley was alert and responsive and enjoyed the wind in her hair.  Thanks to everyone who worked to make this very special wish come true.

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