Sally E., 86, Spokane, WA

Sally wished to travel to Australia. We were not able to grant this exact wish, but our Pacific Northwest Chapter was able to put together a huge gift basket featuring all things Australian. Sally was truly thrilled and humbled to be acknowledged for all her hard work and volunteerism in the Spokane community. In fact, she asked us to disregard her original wish to see Australia and said this recognition was indeed more than enough. “This wish could not have come at a better time as things have been rather difficult lately,” says Sally. 

In addition to speaking five languages, Sally volunteers in the kitchen at Mid-City Concerns five days each week and spends her weekends volunteering at the Fox Theater in downtown Spokane. A devout woman, Sally attends church daily. Hats off to Sally for setting a wonderful example of what one’s “twilight years” should be.

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