Rosemarie D., 95, Pittsburgh, PA

Rosemarie Druga, a resident of Squirrel Hill, had her simple wish for new bedding and a battery for her scooter granted, thanks to our Allegheny County chapter.  Druga, who just turned 95 last month, still lives on her own and relies on her scooter to get around. She has a twin-size hospital bed and has been using old full-size sheets on it.  Because she lives on a fixed income, she cannot afford to buy new bedding or a battery for her scooter on her own.  Thanks to the Allegheny County chapter her simple wish was granted on Friday, April 9th.  They also purchased a new full-size quilt for her bed so it can hang over the side, making it easier for her to make the bed from her wheelchair.  Druga is a devoted mother and grandmother and was the primary caregiver for her husband who passed away several years ago. In years past, she was very active in the senior center and ran the bocce ball and shuffleboard programs for years there. Special thanks to Ponsi Medical Supply for discounting the cost of the scooter battery.

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