Patricia V., 84, Los Angeles, CA

Patricia Vance, an elderly nursing facility resident, had her wish for a shopping trip granted, thanks to the Southern California chapter of Twilight Wish Foundation.  Vance, 84, has many fond memories of shopping with her daughter years ago, but has been unable to do so because it is difficult for her to leave her facility.  Like so many other seniors, Vance lives on a fixed income and has little left at the end of the month for any extras. 

Vance, a mother of two, also raised her grandsons.  She devoted her whole life to her family and was involved in her children’s schools and extra-curricular activities.  Vance also volunteered for her church and felt that she was “too blessed to spend any money on herself.”  Her simple wish for a shopping trip was granted by Crista Sullivan and Kelly Shemonis of the Southern California chapter of Twilight Wish on Saturday, September 22, 2012.  Sullivan and Shemonis treated her to a day of shopping and lunch at a Chinese restaurant.  This is the first wish granted by the newly-formed Southern California chapter.

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