Myra B., 69, North Wales, PA

Myra Bernstein, 69, is a longtime resident of the Madlyn and Leonard Abramson Center for Jewish Life in North Wales, PA. Myra is disabled and unable to walk, but is a vibrant member of her community, particpating in their glee club, art classes, and exercise programs. She also contributes her literary talents to enrich others’ lives, according to her social worker, Marilyn Frazier. Her seven year-old power chair recently broke and the cost to fix it was essentially the cost of a new chair. Because of her financial situation, she couldn’t afford the cost of a new chair on her own. This wish was granted thanks to two people: our Long Island, NY chapter director, James Ciervo, and donor Tracy Frederick, who donated her father’s gently used power chair after he passed away. A huge thank you also to James for driving the power chair down to Myra’s nursing facility in Pennsylvania from his home in New York. Pictured: James Ciervo with Myra.

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