Miriam, W., 101, Alexandria, VA

Miriam, is 101 years old and is a resident of Alexandria, VA. When she was younger, she volunteered at the John Carlyle House of Fairfax Street in D.C. along with the Martin Luther King Library and National Archives building. She was also an activist for the Alexandria Baha’i Community. Over the years, she has been so focused on others that she didn’t take care of the basic needs for herself. Miriam’s Wish is to receive sleepwear and a new mattress/bed to sleep at night. Miriam states that she has continued to live (despite breast and colon cancer) by doing yoga and “staying vertical”. We need to raise $500 to make her Wish come true!


Wish ID: 5724

Miriam, W., 102, Alexandria, VA

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.



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