Lillian B., 74, Birmingham, AL

Lillian Buchanan, a resident of Birmingham, Alabama, will have her simple wish for a lift chair granted, thanks to our Alabama chapter. Buchanan, 74, has several medical issues including heart and pulmonary problems and rheumatoid arthritis and has great difficulty getting up from a regular chair. A lift chair would greatly improve her quality of life, reducing the amount of pain she has to endure just getting up from a sitting position. For over 25 years, Buchanan was the housekeeping supervisor for a local senior living community with 240 units. Although she is retired, she still worries about the residents living there and keeps in touch with many of them. Her nominator, friend and past co-worker Judy Murphree, wrote about her: “Lil has been a true inspiration in my life, not only as a co-worker, but as a true friend. Even though she is now disabled, she still checks on some of the residents where she worked. She deserves so much for giving of herself, unselfishly, then and now.”  Her wish for a lift chair was granted on Thursday, October 15th.  This is the first wish granted by the Alabama chapter.

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