Larry P., 70, Sharpsburg, PA

Larry Pilarski, a resident of Sharpsburg, Pennsylvania, had his wish to take his family to a Pirates game granted, thanks our Allegheny County chapter and the Pittsburgh Pirates Pilarski, 70, has been battling cancer for over ten years. This past year has taken its toll on him, and he can no longer walk and is very weak. Pilarski is now in hospice care and his one wish is to take his family to a Pirates game and sit behind home plate. Pilarski worked as a steamfitter in a power plant for many years and still lives with his wife of 40 years in the home in Sharpsburg that he was raised in. He, his wife, three children and grandchildren attended the Pirates game on May 5, 2024. Thank you to ameriCARE Pittsburgh for facilitating this wish and the Pittsburgh Pirates for donating the tickets for the game, a jersey and other memorabilia. 

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