Judith M., 70, Turtle Creek, PA

On Wednesday, May 22, 2013 members of the  Western PA Chapter of Twilight Wish,  along with 30 residents from the John Fraser Senior Hall in Turtle Creek, gathered to honor resident Judith Meyers by granting her wish.   Judith is an accomplished artist  who loves arts & crafts, but recently had to stop attending classes and volunteering her talents due to financial  restraints and vehicle repairs. Thanks to the Western PA chapter, Judith will now be able to attend art classes, purchase much needed art supplies, and share her love of the arts with others.  Judith is well known for her community service and volunteerism, serving as Secretary on her facility’s council.  She is also known for her generosity, often giving her own limited food to others in need in her building.  In addition, Judith  started a pot luck dinner program at the facility to help out others in need at the end of the month when their funds are low. Pictured: Judith Meyers with her nominator, Melissa Allenbaugh.

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