Judith H., 83, Zelienople, PA

Judith Hartman, 83, a resident of Zelienople, Pennsylvania, will have her wish to see a movie in a movie theater granted, thanks to the Butler County chapter. Hartman, a resident of Lutheran Senior Life assisted living, loves watching movies, especially musicals and thrillers. As a child, she rarely went to the movies because of the cost. When she had her own children, money was also a factor so she couldn’t afford to take them. Her wish is to experience a movie with her family: sit in a comfortable chair and enjoy “movie snacks” together. Since suffering a stroke, Hartman has not been able to get out of the facility as much as she would like. The Butler County chapter arranged for Hartman, her family and 12 residents of Lutheran Senior Life to enjoy a private showing of La La Land at The Strand Theater on Thursday, June 16, 2022.

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