Joan LaMarra, 78, Highland, MI

Joan LaMarra, resident of Highland, Michigan, had her wish for hearing aids granted on June 19th, 2017 thanks to our Michigan chapter and Huron Valley Hearing of Highland. Joan, 78, developed tinnitus after a fall in 1996 that has worsened over the years. As a result, she struggles to hear others, especially in crowded areas and can no longer volunteer as she cannot hear what others are saying. She desperately needed hearing aids, but couldn’t afford them on her own. As a former beauty parlor owner, she volunteered at the Detroit Receiving Hospital in the burn unit, working with patients with scarring and hair loss. In the past, LaMarra has donated her services to “Look Good, Feel Better”, an organization dedicated to improving the quality of life and self-esteem of cancer treatment patients. Her role was to measure women for wigs and teach patients how to care for them. In addition to this service, LaMarra volunteered for the VFW 1518 Ladies Auxiliary of Gaylord for six years. Thanks to the generosity of Huron Valley Hearing of Highland, MI her wish will come true. Huron Valley Hearing donated refurbished, top-end hearing aids, cleaning tools, batteries, a fitting and three post visit services as well as a TV streaming device and a Bluetooth phone device. In addition; ReSound, the manufacturer of the hearing aids and devices donated an extra year of warranty for each device so they can be serviced by the manufacturer if needed.

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