Helen M., 93, Hatfield, PA

Helen Merico, a resident of Hatfield, Pennsylvania, had her wish for a new heater for her home granted, thanks to All Seasons Comfort Control. Helen, 93, is recuperating from a broken hip and lives with her son who is her caretaker. Her furnace broke in the fall of 2017, but because it is 70 years old, it is beyond repair because of its age and the lack of availability of parts. Because they live on a fixed income, they could not afford to replace the heater on their own. Instead, for the past two winters, they have been relying on four space heaters to heat their home which is expensive and a fire hazard. Thanks to All Seasons Comfort Control who donated the labor and installed the heater in late January.  On Thursday, February 7th, Twilight Wish staff presented All Seasons Comfort Control and Helen with certificates honoring both of them at her home.



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