Hank G., 80, Eureka, MO

Hank Goehring, 80, and his wife, Loretta, lived in the small town of Kimmswick, Missouri, for over 14 years and were very involved in the community there.  Now, with them getting on in years and being unable to live on their own, they live together in the Marymount Senior Living Community in Eureka.  Goehring’s simple, poignant wish is to return for the day to their beloved town of Kimmswick and revisit some of their favorite places including City Hall where Goehring used to work as an Alderman.  In addition to serving as an Alderman, Goehring was a police officer for over 30 years, both in St. Louis and in Kimmswick where he was Chief of Police. In addition, he is an Army and Marine Corp Reserve veteran and ran the museum at Jefferson Barracks Historic Park for ten years. Besides City Hall, the Goehring’s drove past the Anheuser Estate, their own family home, and then had lunch at one of their favorite restaurants, The Dough Depot. Special thanks to Mobility 4 U, The Dough Depot and Right at Home St. Louis for helping to grant this special wish.

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