Florence Home Health Care, Omaha, Nebraska

Older adult residents of Florence Home Health Care Center, Royale Oaks Assisted Living and House of Hope Assisted Living and Memory Care in Omaha, Nebraska, had their wish for ten robotic pets and ten tablets granted, thanks to Twilight Wish Foundation.  Studies have shown that using robotic, lifelike pets in dementia care contributes to a reduction in loneliness and anxiety for those seniors. In addition, communicative technologies such as tablets allow seniors to have more face time with their families which is beneficial on many levels, especially during COVID and times of isolation. Many of these residents are Veterans who have served in wartime, and these items will benefit them and improve their quality of life.

“We are not only fighting a COVID pandemic but also a pandemic of loneliness among older adults in which both robotic pets and tablets may help provide some relief or a reduction in unwanted symptoms,” states April Hauf, Director of Social Service, Florence Home Healthcare Center. “With the addition of robotic pets, we hope and expect to see a reduction in stress levels and improved moods, as well as providing both comfort and companionship to combat loneliness.”

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