Dot H., 91, Doylestown, PA

Dorothy “Dot” Hartranft recently had her wish to celebrate her 91st birthday with friends at Perkins Restaurant granted, thanks to Twilight Wish Foundation.  Hartranft has been a resident of the Golden LivingCenter in Doylestown for over three years.  Born and raised in Bucks County, she is the proud mother to three sons and has nine grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren. In addition to raising her family, she worked for many years as a telephone operator.  After she retired, she made it her mission in life to help others in her community who lived alone, serving as a companion, personal shopper or dinner date, whatever she could do to make someone’s life happier.

Her simple wish to celebrate her birthday with friends at her favorite restaurant was granted on Wednesday, August 21st at the Perkins in Doylestown.  Hartranft and her friends are all residents of the Golden LivingCenter and need assistance to leave the facility.

“This might seem like such a small thing to most people,” said Hartranft.  “But to me, this is so special.”

Special thanks to Perkins who donated the cost of her meal and sent her home with a package of her favorite muffins. Thanks also to donor Lori Radel who covered the cost of breakfast for Hartranft’s dining companions.  Finally, thanks to Steve Brown of Looking Glass Photography for the great photos of Dot’s wish.

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