Connie S., 69, Hatboro, PA

Connie Stine, 69, had her wish to visit the Philadelphia Zoo with her sister granted during our Week of Wishes, thanks to the generosity of the Philadelphia Zoo. Connie, 69, is developmentally delayed and has participated in Special Olympics for years, winning many medals which she proudly displays in her room. In addition to her prized collection of medals, Connie has many stuffed animals in her room, including her favorite miniature tiger. She absolutely loves animals – she loves talking about them, watching them on television and coloring them in coloring books. Connie, her sister, Sharon Kunsky, and Luther Woods Activities Director, Randie Duretz, rode in style to the zoo in a stretch limo, courtesy of Twilight Wish. Also along for the ride were several of her favorite stuffed animals including her “baby” tiger. Once there, Connie received the royal treatment from the Philadelphia Zoo who not only donated tickets and arranged for her to feed the hippos, but escorted her around the zoo in a golf cart. Connie also was able to see her favorite animal, the tiger, and received a “mama” tiger for her baby tiger.

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