Beula C., 82, Idaho Falls, ID

Beula Chesak, a resident of Idaho Falls Care and Rehabilitation Center in Idaho Falls, Idaho, had her wish to spend the day with sheep granted, thanks to a partnership between Twilight Wish and SunBridge Healthcare.  Chesak, 82, grew up around animals, herding sheep with her sister when they were young girls.  Her wish was to be around a herd of sheep and pet them, just one more time.  Her poignant wish came true on October 20, 2011 when Chesak visited a local family who raise sheep on their property.  Chesak was accompanied by her husband, daughter and sister.  Special thanks to the Cole family for their generosity and kindness in helping to grant this wish.

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  1. cheryl uher
    cheryl uher says:

    I found this when I was looking up a name in an obituary. I was wonderilng if Buela is the daughter of Vella Kronhofman. If any family member rreads this please send me an email. Thanks,
    Cheryl Uher


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