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Tuesdays With Lori Wish Granting Program

This program honors the memory of Lori Radel and her dedication to Twilight Wish Foundation. Lori loved granting wishes. She planned to retire and dedicate her life to volunteering full time at the Twilight Wish Foundation. After suffering the effects from a blood clotting condition for many years, Lori passed in 2017, at the much […]

Delaware Valley Veterans Home, Philadelphia, Pa

Help us brighten the holidays for local elderly veterans at the Delaware Valley Veterans Home in Philadelphia. These men are in need of new personal electric razors with a storage case. Although they do get some electric razors donated, they are often cheap and break easily. They sometimes shave them with regular disposable razors, but […]

Donell C., 71, Tucson, AZ

Donell volunteered at her church with catering and babysitting.  She also cared for her daughter for over a year until she passed away at the age of 38.  Donell lives on a fixed income and suffers from sever pain in her back and knees so she does not sleep well.  Her greatest wish would be […]

Christopher A., 66, Rich Creek, VA

Christopher has been nominated by his case-manger to receive a special wish.  He has cerebral palsy and resides in a nursing home.  Due to unfortunate circumstances, he has no family or friends who visit him.  Within his facility he brings much joy to all who know him.  His greatest wish is to go to “Dollywood” […]

Jeanne H., 70, Birmingham, AL

Jeanne is a recent widow with lung cancer.  She was an active member of her church before she became sick.  Her AC/Heating unit needs to be replaced and she cannot afford to do so on her limited income.  We have raised some money towards the wish but we still need $1,000.  Please donate today to help […]

Evelyn C., 92, Hatboro, PA

Thanks to our generous donors, Evelyn will soon have her air conditioner! Evelyn’s health has been failing over the last few years.  She is cared for by her sister Mary with whom she shares a house.  They do have central air conditioning on the first floor but Evelyn’s bedroom is on the second.  It gets […]

Gerald B., 82, New York, NY

Gerald is primarily home bound due to a few serious ailments.  He is a published composer and spends most of his time writing music.  He finds composing therapeutic and helps him sustain his quality of life.  He has even provided music to charities and foundations. His current equipment is very outdated.  His greatest wish is […]

O’Rita T., 71, Philadelphia, PA

O’Rita is deeply religious and watches Jimmy Swaggert everyday.  She loves his preaching and her greatest wish would be to attend one of his annual meetings.  In the past, she has been on mission trips, managed Bible Study and became a minister herself.  She also cared for her elderly aunts when they were ill.  She […]

Constance H., 89, Ocean Park, ME

We are thrilled to say that Constance will be having her wish granted!  Thank you to all who fund-raised and donated to make this happen! Constance lives in a retirement community and always goes out of her way to help others.  She has delivered mail to residents who cannot get out, watched others pets while […]

Norie, R. 76, Erie, PA

Norie has a number of health issues that make it very difficult to get in and out of her chairs.  A new lift chair would help her regain her independence and restore her daily routine. Our Erie, PA Chapter was able to grant her wish in June 2017!