Entries by Michelle Bowren

Charles H., 76, Feasterville, PA

Charles a Navy veteran who served aboard the USS Saratoga. He has multiple medical issues and has been losing strength in his arms and legs due to nerve damage. He is unable to safely get in and out of his home due to the steps at the front door. He is desperate need of a […]

Paul L., 65, Waltham, MA

Paul was firefighter for 32 years, coached softball and basketball. He is also an Army veteran. He has always been his dream to see the USS Arizona in Oahu, but has never been able to afford it. To make this wish come true, we need to raise $2,200 to cover his travel costs. Please donate […]

Craig D., 67, East Point, MI

Craig worked for 45 years counseling others and has recently retired. He has diabetes, and likes to walk to help manage it. When the weather turns cold, it is much harder for him to exercise, especially when it snows. He wishes for a indoor cycling bike so he can exercise regularly. We need to raise […]

Helen M., 89, Lakewood, CO

Helen has some health conditions and needs to sleep in her recliner. Her current chair is very old and starting to break. She wishes for a new lift chair that would make sleeping more comfortable and raise her legs easily. We need to raise $1,200 to make Helen’s wish for comfort come true. Wish ID: […]

Katie M., 90, Detroit, MI

Katie took pride in her neighborhood and regularly helped to keep it clean by picking up trash in her area. She also spent her time driving her neighbors to various appointments and to the grocery store. When she was older, she became a substance abuse counselor that impacted many people i her area. She had […]

Teresina T., 86, Washington, PA

Teresina lives alone and on a fixed income. She longs to hear normally again and understand when others are talking to her. She wishes for hearing aids, but cannot afford them on her own. We need to raise $2,500 to grant her wish and improve not only her communications, but her ability to stay independent. […]

Mildred L., 77, Fairless Hills, PA

Millie loved volunteering in her children’s school and with Cub Scouts when they were young. She is active in her church and used to work at WaWa for 21 years. She now has macular degeneration which is reducing her vision and ability to read. She is very independent and would like to remain so as […]

Florence Home Health Care Center, Omaha, NE

Florence Home provides care for many veterans wo have served in all branches of the military. They would love to have ten robotic pets and ten tablets to enhance the daily life of their residents. Studies have shown that seniors who interact with these pets see a reduction in loneliness and anxiety. They also trigger […]

Carole W., 72, Charlotte, NC

Carole enjoys watching movies and her favorite shows on her TV. She has lymphedema and needs to have her leg elevated. She doesn’t want to have to lay her bed to watch and wishes for a recliner so she can be comfortable. Before her health issues, she volunteered through her church to driving people to […]

Diane W., 72, Lansdowne, PA

Diane has been a widow for thirty years and currently lives on a fixed income. When she was younger she volunteered as a Girl Scout leader. She also volunteered in her church providing childcare in their nursery each week for nearly twenty years. She enjoys spending time on her computer communicating with friends and family […]