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Luther Woods Nursing & Rehabilitaion, Hatboro, PA

We are working to raise funding for a wish for the residents at a local nursing facility. They love 50’s and 60’s music and especially love Philadelphia’s own, Jerry Blavat.  We want to bring “The Geator With The Heater” to them  to spin the records for a Sock Hop!  This fun filled afternoon will surely […]

Patricia H., 72, New York, NY

Pat. H. worked as a social worker helping to protect people’s civil rights.  She is described as a very kind woman who has always given to others. She lives on a very limited income and is in need of a new stove.  She currently uses a hot plate to prepare her meals. We would like […]

Dianne S., 74, New York, NY

Dianne is housebound due to many chronic medical issues.  She loves all animals, but she especially loves cats.  She can no longer care for a “real” pet but frequently expresses that she wishes she could have one.  Her social worker has nominated her to receive a JOY FOR ALL Companion Cat.  These special interactive “Pets” […]

Diana R., 71, Barstow, CA

Diana is a member of Volunteers of America.  She crochets hats and blankets for newborn babies and helps at the Senior Center whenever she can.  She unfortunately has difficulty hearing.  She would love to have hearing aids so she could understand what others are saying and to communicate better. She feels that with them she […]

Martin M., 94, Creve Coeur, MO

Martin spent his entire life giving of his time and resources to inner city children. He co-founded  the “Matthew-Dickey Boys and Girls Club” in 1960. The club provides programs in youth employment, mentoring and tutoring, athletics, gang violence prevention, leadership, social responsibility and community service to this day. He has often spoken of his dream […]

Charlie W., Seneca, CA, 93

Thanks to our generous donors, we have granted Charlie’s wish to go to Germany with his grandson!  Updates to follow soon! Charles, pictured on the right, wishes to revisit several locations in Germany where he served with the 3rd Armored Division during World War II. A tank driver, Charles is now 93 and wants to […]

Kathryn C., 91, Henderson, NV

We are excited to begin planning Kathryn’s trip to Nebraska!  Thanks to our donors, we have met our fundraising goal and her wish will be granted soon. Kathryn suffered a bout of polio at a young age which caused her to lose the use of her right arm.  She never learned to drive and was […]

Linda S., 69, Kansas City, MO

We are excited to tell you that Linda will soon have her wheelchair fixed!  Thank you to all who donated! Linda is lives on her own on a fixed income. She relies on a wheelchair to get around, but the joystick on her chair is broken and she can’t afford to replace it on her […]

Helen M., 93, Hatfield, PA

UPDATE!  With the help of our donors and the generosity of All Seasons Comfort Control, Helen was given the gift of heat yesterday.  More details soon! Helen is the surviving spouse of a WWII POW in Luxembourg.  She was one of 11 children born to Austrian immigrants.  She went to school until the 6th grade […]

Diane W., 65, Helena, MT

Diane will soon receive her phone card thanks to the support of our donors! Diane volunteered as a foster grandparent with the Senior Corps.  She loved sharing her experience and compassion with children.  She also served in the Navy for four years.  She has been diagnosed with breast cancer and lives on a limited income.  She […]