Entries by Michelle Bowren

Barbara B., 73, New Bloomfield, PA

Barbara is a member of the Board for her local senior center. She has also volunteered over 400 hours of her time cutting coupons to send to our military families to make their hard earned dollars go further. She has severe back pain which makes it difficult to go up and down stairs.  She is […]

Christina M., 68, Red Hook, NY

Christina lives alone and has no family nearby.  She suffers from physical disabilities that have contributed to an accumulation of household items and papers she no longer uses.  She has become overwhelmed and wishes for assistance in organizing her home. We need to raise $350 to have a professional organizer help Christina.  Please donate today […]

Palm Garden Nursing Home

Many of the residents at Palm Garden Nursing Home enjoy spending time reading the Bible. They do not allow the residents to share them, so each Bible is like a gift. They get to keep them in their rooms and use them daily. Many of the Bibles Palm Garden currently have are small print which […]

Erna W., Enfield, CT, 96

Erna resides in a long term care facility and has oral dysphasia. Though she has the ability to speak, the effect of dysphagia has presented challenges that she is struggling to manage.  She enjoys participating in the activities in the Recreation Department and loves to play Uno.  Prior to residing in her facility, she volunteered […]

Dianne S., New York, NY, 76

Dianne is homebound due to many medical issues. Because of these issues she has a difficult time getting in and out of her current chair.  She wishes for a lift chair to make this easier.  She lives on a fixed income and cannot afford to purchase one for herself.  We need to raise $1100 to […]

Lisa W., 66, Chester, PA

Lisa enjoys helping her neighbors when she can, but her hearing loss has led her to pull back because she cannot communicate with them. It has also affected to connect to her medical care, especially making appointments and following up with her doctors. She feels very isolated and wishes for hearing aids so she can […]

Cheryl W., 72, Oxford, AL

Cheryl’s wish was granted thanks to our donors! Cheryl volunteered after Hurricane Katrina hit her town by helping gather clothing, food and personal items for those her were displaced by the storm. She also helped at her local food kitchen.  She grew up in Connecticut and has not been back to visit in 20 years.  […]

Deborah B., 65, Athens, GA

Deborah loves to knit hats and scarves for the homeless in her community.  In the past year, she made and delivered over 450 of them.  She says that if she can help a person “stay a little warmer it makes her heart sing”. She has been nominated because she needs a new refrigerator.  Her current […]

Mary B., 74, Robesonia, PA

Mary had Polio at the age of two. She has no use of her legs and now suffers from Post Polio Syndrome which is affecting the use of her arms as well. She used to volunteer at the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation answering phones. She wishes for a power chair that raises up and down […]

Mabel G., 79, Bristol, PA

Thanks to the generosity of our donors and All Seasons Heating & Cooling, Mabel’s wish was granted! Mabel is a disabled widow who lives on her own on a fixed income.  She is a retired nurse who still volunteers for her church pantry.  She is in need of a new heating and air conditioning unit.  […]