Audrey R., 88, Zelienople, PA

Audrey Rauterkus, a resident of Zelienople, Pennsylvania, had her her wish for a Disney-themed family reunion/birthday party granted, thanks to our Butler County chapter. Rauterkus, a resident of Lutheran Senior Life assisted living, has very dear memories of her deceased husband and family going to Disney World in years past. She describes the magic of watching how happy people are there and how it makes her happy in turn. Rauterkus, who turned 88 on August 7th, had been very active until she took a bad fall and osteoarthritis caused her to lose the ability to ambulate. After many months of physical therapy, she is now able to walk short distances although she needs a motorized scooter to travel long distances. Her determination to continue to improve her physical ability, even while grieving the loss of her husband, impressed her physical therapy team. Although she can’t travel to Disney World, Rauterkus was treated to a Disney party complete with princesses, decorations and a Disney waffle bar for her and her family to enjoy!

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