Dorit H., Tucson, AZ

Dorit Hackett, a resident of Tucson, Arizona, recently had her wish for a makeover granted, thanks to our Tucson, Arizona chapter.  Dorit has been battling a terminal illness for several years and is now in hospice care. She has been upset over the changes in her physical appearance during this time and wished for a makeover to make her feel beautiful on the inside and outside.

Tuscon, AZ Chapter Donations

Donations will be used for granting wishes to seniors living in Tuscon, AZ.

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Joyce A., 70, Tucson, AZ

Joyce Adkins, 70, a resident of Tucson, Arizona, recently had her wish for a new mattress granted, thanks to our Tucson chapter. Joyce has arthrititis and chronic pain and her old bed sags and causes even more back pain. She is very sensitive to chemicals, including the ones used in most mattresses and needed one without them. Having her wish granted will greatly improve Joyce’s quality of life.

Anthony F., 75, Tucson, AZ

Anthony Ferlanto, 75, a resident of Tucson, Arizona, recently had his wish for a laptop granted by our Tucson chapter. Anthony is an Army veteran and has one son who he raised on his own from birth. He wished for a laptop to make it easier to keep in touch with his son. Anthony also loves to read and will use the laptop to study Greek and Hebrew so that he can better understand the Bible.

Adolfo S., 81, Tucson, AZ

Adolfo Saucedo, a resident of Tucson, Arizona, recently had his wish to travel to Dallas to see his grandson retire from the military granted. Saucedo himself is a Korean War veteran who received both the Purple Heart and Bronze Star for his bravery and service. His family is very important to him and he did not want to miss this milestone in his grandson’s life, but couldn’t afford the cost of the flight on his fixed income. Thanks to our Tucson, Arizona chapter, his wish was granted in December.

Helen B., 90, Tucson, AZ

Helen Brown, a resident of Tucson, Arizona, recently had her wish for a new mattress granted, thanks to our Tucson chapter and Mattress Firm. Brown, 90, suffers from back, shoulder and joint problems and needed a better, more supportive mattress, but couldn’t afford one on her own. Mattress Firm donated a mattress and boxspring for Brown.

Kenneth B., 71, Tucson, AZ

Kenneth Brooks, a 71-year-old resident of Tucson, Arizona, recently had his wish for dentures granted, thanks to our Tucson chapter. Brooks, a veteran of the Marines, could not afford dentures on his own. His new dentures will enable him to eat and speak properly and will allow him to be more social.

Patti S., 71, Tucson, AZ

Patti Sereno, 71, a resident of Tucson, Arizona recently had her wish for hearing aids granted thanks to the Tucson chapter of Twilight Wish and El Dorado Audiology. Sereno is deaf in her left ear from a childhood bout with mumps and was starting to lose hearing in her right ear. She struggled to hear for yeras as her hearing faded, but couldn’t afford hearing aids on her own. Our Tucson chapter worked with El Dorado Audiology to outfit Sereno with hearing aids. El Dorado and Widex, the manufacturer of the hearing aids, donated the new device valued at $6,000.

Guenther V., 84, Tucson, AZ

Guenther Volkman is 84 and a resident of House of Prayer Assisted Living in Tucson. Years ago, back in his homeland of Germany, Guenther was a horse jockey.  Now, he is wheelchair-bound and in hospice care in his nursing facility.  His last wish to revisit a horse racetrack before he dies was granted thanks to our Tucson Arizona chapter and the generosity of Rillito Downs.  Guenther  spent a wonderful day at the racetrack with his family and Tucson chapter volunteers. One of the races was named after him and the winning jockey dedicated the race to him.  Guenther was also featured on the Jumbotron and was honored in the winner’s circle. Special thanks to Rillito Downs for their generosity in helping to grant this wish. Watch the coverage of his wish here on KGUN 9 and KVDA NBC4

The Latest El Tour News!

We are pleased to unveil our 2014 El Tour de Tucson Team Twilight Wish Cycling Jersey.  If you register as a rider on Team Twilight, we will pay your registration fee and give you this jersey!   The Pin Up art was graciously donated by Greg Hildebrandt who has an amazing body of work, including his most well known piece for the original Star Wars movie poster. A big thank you goes out to Mr. Hildebrandt, Jean Scrocco and his staff, as well as Susie Conner and the folks at Pactimo. Special thank you to Felipe Garcia for the concept and design of our Team Twilight Wish jersey. To register or to pre-order this jersey, please call Lisa at (520) 419-9303.