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Rose Marie B., 74, Barstow, CA


Rose Marie Barker, 74, a resident of Barstow, California had her wish for an electric wheelchair granted by our Barstow, CA chapter. Barker has several medical conditions that make it difficult for her to get around. Her wish for an electric wheelchair was granted on November 15, 2018.

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Donations will be used for granting wishes to seniors living in Barstow, CA.

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Patricia A., 82, Barstow, CA

Patricia Archibeque, 82, a resident of Barstow, California recently had her wish for new skirting for her mobile home granted, thanks to our Barstow chapter. Patricia lives alone in a mobile home and the skirting around the bottom of the trailer was crumbling. The skirting is needed to keep debris and small animals from getting under her home, but Patricia couldn’t afford it on her fixed income. Thanks to our Barstow chapter, her wish was granted in late May 2017.

Guilana B., 66, Barstow. CA

Guilana Bender, 66, a resident of Barstow, California, recently had her wish to visit her dying brother one more time granted by our Barstow, CA chapter. Guilana’s brother was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in February and only given a few months to live. She wished to visit him one more time, but couldn’t afford it on her own. Thanks to our Barstow chapter, her poignant wish was granted in late May.

Pascuala S., 86, Barstow, CA

Our Barstow, CA chapter recently granted a wish for Pascuala Sena, an 86-year-old resident of Barstow.  Sena needed a new refrigerator, but couldn’t afford the cost on her limited income.  Thanks to Midway Home Solutions of Victorville, CA for discounting the cost of the refrigerator.

Dora B., 73, Barstow, CA

Dora Baca, a 73-year-old resident of Barstow, recently had her wish for a power chair granted, thanks to the Barstow, California chapter of Twilight Wish Foundation.  Baca requires assistance to get around and wished for a power chair so that she could maintain her independence and improve her health.

Baca has helped others throughout her life, including working as a caregiver in a hospital setting for over 40 years.  In addition, she is very involved in her church.  Her simple wish was granted on July 8, 2013.



Richard C., 73, Barstow, CA

Richard Caton, 73, recently had his wish for a power chair granted by the Barstow, Ca. chapter of Twilight Wish.  Caton, who worked 43 years as a barber, suffers from peripheral artery disease (PAD) and has poor circulation in both legs, leaving him unable to get around on his own.  Before retiring, Caton often went to hospitals and nursing homes to cut the hair of those who couldn’t make it to the barber shop.  Thanks to the generosity of donor Diana Pace, his wish came true on April 22, 2013.  The power chair will enable Caton to maintain his independence, allowing him to grocery shop and participate in other activities.  Pictured, Barstow chapter director Jeff Eason with Richard Caton.

Ronald F., 71, Barstow, CA

Ronald Fry, 71, had his wish for a new hospital bed granted by the recently-formed Barstow, CA chapter of Twilight Wish.  Fry, who sufferes from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), has trouble breathing and is unable to sleep laying flat.  For the past few years, he was forced to sleep in a recliner and was unable to get a good night’s sleep.  Thanks to Diana Pace, a member of the Barstow Senior Center, Fry’s wish came true.  Pace donated the bed and Jeff Eason, director of the Barstow chapter, delivered it to Fry on April 14, 2013.