Elderly Levittown Woman Has Twilight Wish for New Dentures Granted

Twilight Wish Director of Community Relations, Mary Farrell, presents Regina with her wish certificate.Regina Snyder, an elderly Levittown resident, had her Twilight Wish for new dentures granted, thanks to local nonprofit Twilight Wish Foundation and the generosity of a anonymous Doylestown dentist. Representatives from Twilight Wish presented Snyder with a Twilight Wish certificate in her honor at her last dental appointment on Thursday, March 31, 2011.

Snyder, 82, badly needed new dentures; her lower dentures had not been replaced since 1964 and were loose, affecting her ability to chew and eat certain foods.    A resident of low-income senior housing, Snyder could not afford them on her own.  Snyder worked throughout her life as a teacher’s aide and grocery store cashier and took care of her husband until his death from cancer.  She was forced to retire from her cashier job after a car accident in which she sustained a severe back injury.  Because of her age she was not a candidate for surgery and is now in chronic pain and unable to stand for any significant length of time, requiring her to use a walker. 

Snyder also volunteered throughout her life in Bristol, serving as manager of the Bristol Township 9-12 year-old girls’ softball team for nine years.  After moving into her senior housing center, Snyder served terms as Resident Council treasurer, secretary, vice-president, and president over a 15 year period.  Snyder also organized transportation for shopping trips and events for the residents of her facility. Thanks to a generous Doylestown dentist, Snyder’s wish has been granted and she has a beautiful smile again!