Avon Grove NHS Students Grant Wishes to Nursing Home Residents

Over the past few months, Avon Grove High School National Honor Society students raised funds to grant the simple needs wishes of eight residents of Ware Presbyterian Village nursing facility in Oxford, PA.  The students raised $1,000 by selling cake pops after school and hosting a 5K run.  The wishes were for simple items including a CD player, a gospel music CD and Dove body wash.  The students visited the facility on Thursday, May 24, 2012 and handed out the gifts during a special reception.

To engage the seniors, the students showed them the cake pops they had been selling and asked about their favorite flower.  In turn, one of the seniors told the girls she used to live in Sweden and another shared that both of her parents were born in Poland.  She taught the students a little Polish by speaking in Polish and having them repeat what she said.  One of the students made the seniors laugh by sharing that her Irish family displays their family tree at gatherings and that she is only a small twig off the Irish branches.

This wish granting was arranged through Twilight Wish’s Intergenerational Education Program (IEP) which matches local schools with nearby nursing homes, enriching the lives of both the students and the elderly nursing home residents. For more information about the IEP, please contact Tasia Kavalek at 215-230-8777 ext. 102.