Entries by Robin Kardane

Antonia, 87, Spokane WA

Antonia, a retired baker and community supporter, wished to reunite with her children and grandchildren at a nice restaurant in the Inland Northwest while she was still able to do so. Thanks to Antonia’s daughter Maryann, The Cedars Floating Restaurant, and Twilight Wish Foundation’s Pacific NW Chapter, Antonia had her wish granted on August 26, 2010 […]

Carolyn, 88, West Orange, NJ

Carolyn was born with multiple sclerosis and now resides in a New Jersey nursing home.  Her one love in life has always been opera.  She watches opera performances on tv and has several CD’s that she listens to over and over again.  Her wish is to see either La Boheme or Tosca at the Metropolitan Opera. […]

Dorothy B., 74 Bensalem, PA

Dorothy, a former Holy Redeemer hospice volunteer, is losing her hearing.  She desires an amplified speaker phone so she can keep in touch with friends and family. Thanks to the Doylestown Rotary and another generous donor, Dorothy’s phone was ordered and is scheduled to be delivered by Christmas Day!

Claire M.,76, Fairless Hills, PA

Claire with Michael Kogan of Kogan ProstheticsClaire has not had a new pair of shoes since 1994. Claire has needed custom shoes since she broke her hip while a teenager.  Thanks to Kogan Prosthetics of Jamison, PA, Claire received 2 pairs of custom shoes on May 14, 2010!

76 year old Jackie realizes life-long dream of becoming an author

Jackie, a resident of Marietta Care and Rehab in Ohio for almost three years, had her wish to have her book published granted thanks to a partnership between Twilight Wish Foundation and SunBridge Healthcare.  On October 28, Jackie was the guest of honor at a book signing party.  Having her novel, “Then There Were Five (More)” […]

Sally E., 86, Spokane, WA

Sally wished to travel to Australia. We were not able to grant this exact wish, but our Pacific Northwest Chapter was able to put together a huge gift basket featuring all things Australian. Sally was truly thrilled and humbled to be acknowledged for all her hard work and volunteerism in the Spokane community. In fact, she […]

Syble, 71, Trenton, NC

Syble, a widow, former CNA and rescue squad volunteer, needs a new electric stove. It is 38 years old and needs new burners.  Syble had to purchase a new stove before Twilight Wish could grant her wish.  She now wishes for a new hot water heater. On June, 9, 2011, Lowe’s installed a brand new […]