Entries by Mary Farrell

Grace L., 101, Pittsburgh, PA

Grace Lynn, who recently turned 101, will have her wish for a birthday party with friends and family granted, thanks to our Allegheny County chapter. Lynn, a resident of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, turned 101 on December 18th. She was nominated by her 86-year-old daughter-in-law, Audrey Woods. Lynn still lives on her own in Homewood House which […]

Jean M., 90, Greensburg, PA

Jean Milligan, 90, a resident of Hempfield Manor in Greensburg, PA, had her poignant wish to have Christmas dinner at her son’s house granted, thanks to our Westmoreland County, PA chapter.  Milligan has been a resident of her nursing facility for over three years. It is difficult for her to leave the facility as she […]

Thomas M., 77, Pittsburgh, PA

Thomas Michak, a resident of Pittsburgh, PA, had his wish for a portable air conditioner granted, thanks to our Allegheny County, PA chapter.  Michak lives in a senior high rise and is not allowed to have a window unit.  Because he is on oxygen 24/7, he needs cool air in order to breathe easier.  His […]

Majestic Oaks Residents, Warminster, PA

Employees from Horsham-based Optum and Twilight Wish,  worked together to grant the simple needs wishes of 40 residents at Majestic Oaks Rehabilitation & Nursing Center in Warminster.  As part of Optum’s community outreach efforts, employees in their Horsham office helped brighten the holidays for these residents by granting their wishes for simple items such as […]

Maria A., 85, McMurray, PA

Maria Anthou, a resident of McMurray, PA, had her wish to receive an honorary high school diploma granted, thanks to our Washington County, PA chapter. Anthou, 85, emigrated to the United States from Greece when she was a young woman. She and her husband married and raised a family together. Anthou  never had the opportunity […]

Mary B., 100, North Huntington, PA

Mary Belback, a resident of Walden’s View in North Huntington, Pennsylvania, had her wish for a party to celebrate her 100th birthday granted, thanks to the Westmoreland County chapter. Belback, who turned 100 on November 7th, has very little family that can celebrate this milestone birthday with her.  Therefore, the staff at Walden’s View wanted […]

Mary M., 87, Crabtree, PA

Mary Massimo, a resident of Crabtree, Pennsylvania, had her wish to visit a casino one more time granted, thanks to the Westmoreland County chapter.  Massimo, 87, is in hospice care for heart disease. Because she is in a wheelchair and unable to stand on her own, her family cannot take her to the casino on […]

Loma F., 80, Scottdale, PA

Loma Fox, a resident of Scottdale, PA, recently had her wish for hearing aids granted thanks to our Westmoreland County, PA chapter. Fox, 80, needed hearing aids, but couldn’t afford them on her fixed income. Thanks to Beltone who donated the evaluation, fitting and hearing aid, her wish for the gift of hearing was granted.

Gerald C., 71, Verona, PA

Gerald Cleland, a resident of Verona, PA, recently had his wish for a new radio/CD player granted, thanks to our Allegheny County, PA chapter. Cleland, 71, lives alone and is housebound. He loves to play his old CDs but his old CD player broke and he could not afford to replace it on his fixed […]