Twilight Wish “Week of Wishes”

Seeking 25 National Founding Members To Change the Future of Aging


Today, Twilight Wish Foundation is about to change the way the future of aging is viewed for a third time with a national outreach.    Along with your membership, we are founding a national movement called “WOW – Week of Wishes” to change the way our society views aging, with the goal to change behaviors and make our world a nicer place to age, one wish at a time. We are seeking 25 national WOW Founding Members to help us reach this goal!

After granting 2,600 Twilight Wishes directly, we are asking everyone in America to reach out and grant a wish to a beloved senior in their own lives even as we grant wishes across the country through our chapters.  This is our inaugural year and we are encouraging the granting of wishes with marketing materials, including stickers, “how to” instructions, and a national WOW photo contest!

Our hope is that this groundbreaking “WOW – Week of Wishes” will become an annual event and encourage others to be kind to seniors and to go out of their way to grant wishes to them.  We will promote with photos and stories that are life changing. 


The first national “WOW – Week of Wishes” is being held from May 14 to May 20, 2017.  This date coincides with honoring all mothers on Mother’s Day, with honoring Veterans for Armed Services Day, and, with honoring those who take care of seniors in elder care facilities, National Nursing Home Week.  WOW!  We have already identified wishes across the country that will be granted by our chapters and will encourage others to do the same through our chapters; our website and social media; and through local, regional and national media. Some of the wishes include a high school graduation for a 105-year-old woman in hospice, a fishing trip with a lunch at Kentucky Fried Chicken and a 86-year-old fighter pilot who wishes to ride in an airplane simulator.  


There are many benefits to being one of the 25 Founding Members.  Most importantly, Founding Members will go down in Twilight Wish history for bringing awareness to the general public by founding the National Movement to make our world a nicer place to age with WEEK OF WISHES – WOW!!!  We will also hang a plaque in our headquarters with every WOW Founding Member named on it for all to see AND you will receive a plaque to hang in your homes or offices reminding others to make our world a nicer place to age.  See full benefit list attached. 


Founding Members are limited to 25 members only.  First come, first serve basis during our membership drive.  Membership will be sponsored by a Twilight Wish Team Member and is based on history and experience with Twilight Wish, and in support of our mission and vision. 

Call Cass at 215-534-0402 with questions or for more information. 

Twilight Wish “WOW – Week of Wishes” National Founding Member Benefits….$1,000

Limited to 25 Members

Founding Members will go down in perpetuity in Twilight Wish history for making our world a nicer place to age, one wish at a time nationally. 

Twilight Wish will hang a plaque in our headquarters with each WOW Founding Member named on it for all to see. 

WOW Founding Member plaque will be featured at WOW headquarter events. 

Recognition as WOW Founding Member in Twilight Wish annual reports.

Named as a Twilight Wish WOW Founding Member Advisory Board of Directors. Participation in annual WOW Advisory Board Meeting, if desired. 

Name recognition on Twilight Wish Foundation Website under “About Us” section with separate listing for WOW Founding Members/Advisory Board.  Up to four lines of text plus a photo (can be a logo or personal photo.) 

Cross marketing and special permission for use of Twilight Wish Foundation WOW logo and trademarks requests to promote the partnership in accordance with our mission and vision will be approved with 7 day advance notification.  

WOW Founding Members will be mentioned on Twilight Wish Foundation social media platforms to include FaceBook, Twitter, Linked In and Instagram.

Framed wooden plaque recognizing you or your loved ones or your company as a WOW Founding Member .

Article listing the WOW Founding Members on our Twilight Wish “Shining Moments” news updates emailed to over 3,000 members

Invitation to attend wish granting events as appropriate.

Invitation to tour the Twilight Wish headquarters.

Invitation to attend a special event to be held to honor the WOW Founding Members following the WOW Week for presentation of the awards.