Patricia G., 96, Greensburg, PA

Patricia Glasser, a 96-year-old resident of Greensburg, Pennsylvania, had her wish to ride a horse one more time granted, thanks to the Westmoreland County chapter of  Twilight Wish Foundation.  Glasser and her husband owned horses for years until he became ill. When he needed his leg amputated, she gave up the horses she loved so she could devote all her time to his care. Her husband passed away three years ago and the rest of her family lives in Texas so she has no one who can take her to a stable to ride.  The activities director at her facility, who nominated Glasser, wrote “Pat is still so passionate about horses and being able to ride again would mean the world to her.”  Her wish was granted on Wednesday, June 17, 2015.  Glasser was treated to a lunch at Cracker Barrel with Twilight Wish volunteers and then headed to Bogley Quarter Horses in Wyano where Glasser was able to ride a horse again.  

Harry F., 70, Derry, PA

Harry Fowler, 70, a resident of Derry, PA, recently had his wish for a lift chair granted. Throughout his life, he has been very involved in the community.  He has been a member of the Derry Fire Department for over 48 years,  responding to many emergency calls. Harry also served for many years on the church council at Trinity Lutheran Church. It had become very difficult for him to get up from a seated position because of several medical issues.   His wish was for a lift chair to assist him to assume a standing position safely.  This wish was granted on July 3, 2014. Special thanks to Levin Furniture who assisted  the Allegheny County chapter of Twilight Wish Foundation to grant the wish.

Fanny H., 84, Lower Burrell, PA

Fanny Hughes, 84, recently had her wish for hearing aids granted, thanks to the Western Pennsylvania Chapter of Twilight Wish Foundation and the generosity of HearWell Center of Forest Hills. Hughes, a resident of Lower Burrell, needed hearing aids, but couldn’t afford the cost on her fixed income.  Thanks to Dr. Suzanne Yoder, audiologist and owner of HearWell Center who donated the cost of the hearing aids, Hughes’ wish came true.  Her quality of life will now be greatly improved as Hughes can now talk on the phone, be a part of conversations and communicate more clearly.  In her younger years, Hughes was very active in her family church, First Baptist Church in New Kensington, where she sang in the choir and was involved in the missionary program.  When her health allows, Hughes still participates in a weekly bible study group at her senior housing complex.  Pictured, Fanny Hughes with Dr. Suzanne Yoder.

Adaline S., 100, Hannastown, PA

Adaline Skillings, a resident of Hannastown, PA, just turned 100 on May 6, 2013  and celebrated her milestone birthday in a big way on Wednesday, May 8th.  Adaline’s favorite restaurant is The Lamplighter in Delmont and her Twilight Wish was to celebrate her birthday with her family there.  Thanks to the Western Pennsylvania chapter of Twilight Wish Foundation, her wish came true.  Adaline and five of her family members celebrated her 100th birthday in a beautifully decorated private dining room, complete with cake and balloons.  Special thanks to The Lamplighter who donated two meals for this special occasion.

Diane C., Irwin, PA

Diane Cassidy has been a resident of Golden Heights Personal Care Home for over nine years, since suffering a stroke.  The stroke left her paralyzed on one side, requiring her to use a wheelchair.  Because of this, Cassidy is rarely able to leave the facility.  Her wish for a fun night out, away from the nursing facility was granted on Monday, April 8th when Cassidy and her caregiver enjoyed dinner at the Rialto Café, followed by the Beach Boys’ concert.  To make the night even more special, Twilight Wish arranged for Cassidy to travel in style in a limousine to the restaurant and concert.  Special thanks to Rialto Café, Latshaw Productions and Fantasy Limousine Service of Greensburg who help to grant the wish.

Paula B., 68, Greensburg, PA

Paula Brumley, 68, is a resident of Weatherwood Manor, an assisted living facility, where she is in hospice care.  Brumley enjoys socializing with the other residents in her facility and participates in group activities whenever she can.  Unfortunately, her medical issues and oxygen limitations make it difficult for her to interact with others as much as she would like.  Her wish was for a special dinner out, spending time with others, away from her normal routine.  This simple wish was granted on Monday, March 18th when Brumley and several of her caregivers enjoyed lunch at her restaurant of choice, LongHorn Steakhouse.  To make the day even more special, Twilight Wish arranged for Brumley to travel in style in a limousine to the restaurant.  Special thanks to LongHorn Steakhouse and Fantasy Limousine Service of Greensburg who helped to grant the wish.

Angelina D., 78, Greensburg, PA

Angelina DiFrancis, 78, a resident of Hempfield Manor in Greensburg, Pa., recently had her wish to go to a Steelers’ game granted, thanks to a generous donor.  A lifelong Steelers’ fan, Angelina and three family members watched her favorite team play from their donated club seats.  According to Erica Shaffer, a volunteer with the Western Pennsylvania chapter, Angelina had a great time and really enjoyed being able to have all the coffee she wanted!  Thanks also to the Pittsburgh Steelers who donated a football autographed by Angelina’s favorite player, Troy Polamalu, who she finds “utterly exciting!”

Arlene D., 74, Export, PA

Arlene Delaney, 74, recently had her wish for a new washing machine granted, thanks to the Westmoreland County chapter of Twilight Wish and H.H. Gregg Appliances and Electronics who discounted the cost of the new washing machine.  A former CNA, Delaney took care of her husband and parents until all three of them passed away.  She now lives alone and can no longer drive herself because of the lingering effects from suffering a stroke and brain aneurysm.  Her 15 year-old washing machine recently broke and it was difficult for Delaney to get to the laundromat.  Because of her limited income, she could not afford to replace the washing machine on her own.  Her new washing machine was delivered on February 20, 2012 by H.H. Gregg.

Freda, 89, Greensburg, PA

Freda, a former nurses aid and Sunday school teacher, was granted a wish for new dentures by our Western Pennsylvania Chapter.  West Penn Dental Center helped grant her wish in May 2010. They used a cloning technique so that the new dentures were a perfect fit right away. She is so happy … she says she can smile again!