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Fran K., 77, Bethel Park, PA

Fran Kueshner, a resident of Bethel Park, had her simple wish for a canopy for her wheelchair granted, thanks to our Allegheny County chapter. Kueshner, 77, has osteoporosis and osteoarthritis and is confined to a wheelchair. She lives near the Montour Trail and loves to ride her motorized wheelchair there several times a day to enjoy the fresh air, scenery, birds and visit with the people who walk there. Several times, Kueshner has been caught in the rain while out and gotten soaked before she could make it back to her apartment. A canopy for her wheelchair will not only protect her from the rain but will shield her from the summer sun. Kueshner loves being outdoors instead of confined to her apartment so having this wish granted will improve her quality of life.Her friends nominated her for this special wish!

Marta K., 71, Pittsburgh, PA

Marta Konzier, 71, a resident of Pittsburgh, PA, recently had her wish for a lift chair granted by our Allegheny County chapter. Konzier is unable to sleep in her bed because of extreme back and leg pain, so she’s been sleeping on her couch. She lives alone and couldn’t afford the cost of a lift chair on her own. Konzier is very involved in the community: she cooks meals for other residents in her building and she helps deliver food bank food to other residents. Having a lift chair will greatly improve her quality of life.

“A wish is granted. Five sisters, originally from Norwich, reunite for a final time”

Norwich Bulletin “A wish is granted. Five sisters, originally from Norwich, reunite for a final time.” August 13, 2021

Lois, G., 98, Philadelphia, PA

Lois George, 98, a resident of Philadelphia, PA, recently had her wish for hearing aids granted, thanks to Twilight Wish. George is very independent and still lives on her own, but needed hearing aids. Living on a fixed income, she could not afford them herself. Her social worker nominated her and wrote “her independence is of great value to her and these hearing aids would allow her to continue living on her own and independently.” Previously, George volunteered her time as a member of the Ladies Aid Society at Penn Presbyterian Hospital, operating the gift shop there. She was also very involved in the Quaker Friends school where she worked as a receptionist. Thank you to Beltone Hearing for granting her wish!

“Twilight Wish Foundation provides hearing aids to 71-year-old man”

KDKA “Twilight Wish Foundation provides hearing aids to 71-year-old man” July 2, 2021

“Doylestown nursing home residents have simple wishes granted”

Bucks County Herald “Doylestown nursing home residents have simple wishes granted” June 18, 2021

JoAnn S., 73, Perkasie, PA

Bucks County nonprofits Twilight Wish Foundation and Between Friends Outreach partnered to grant the wishes of two Perkasie seniors in need. JoAnn Suttle, 73, and Pauline Harris, 79, are neighbors who both have several diseased elm trees on their properties that could fall at any moment, which would destroy their homes at the least, according to a tree specialist.  Both women are widowed and live on fixed incomes.  They have exhausted all other options to get the trees removed so turned to Twilight Wish for assistance. Original estimates were more than $4,000 per property so Twilight Wish staff reached out to Between Friends Outreach to see if they had resources that could help. Tara Stoop, executive director of Between Friends Outreach, contacted local tree service, Greenleaf Tree Service, who donated their services to remove the trees.  Twilight Wish Foundation will be covering the cost of the crane rental to remove the diseased trees.

Bill D., 71, Monongahela, PA

William Dovalovsky, a resident of Monongahela, Pennsylvania, had his wish for hearing aids granted, thanks to Twilight Wish Foundation and Beltone in Washington, PA. Dovalovsky, 71, has muscular dystrophy and lives alone. Both of his hearing aids are broken and his glasses are over five years old. Because he lives on a fixed income, he can’t afford to replace either on his own. Having both replaced will greatly improve his quality of life. Dovalovsky received his hearing aids on Thursday, July 1st.