Karen H., 69, Tucson, AZ

Karen Havel, 69, had her wish to travel to Alaska to visit family she hasn’t seen in years granted on June 12, 2012.  Despite the long distance between them, Karen and her aunt have stayed in close contact through the years via phone calls, letters, and cards.  Throughout her life, Karen always took care of others, including her mother and husband who both passed away from  cancer.  Tragically, her only daughter was severely injured in a car accident, leaving her a quadriplegic.  Karen moved her daughter from their home in Wisconsin to Tucson as the cold weather was detrimental to her daughter’s health.  Until her daughter’s death three years ago, Karen was at her side in the nursing facility for hours every day. 

Because of her financial situation and own health problems, it was impossible for Karen to make the trip to Alaska to see her beloved aunt and cousins on her own.  Thanks to the Arizona chapter of Twilight Wish, Karen’s wish finally came true!  She was able to fly to Alaska and spend two weeks with her family there. 

Mary Louise H., 81, Tucson, AZ

Mary Louise Hill, a resident of Tucson, Arizona, had always dreamed of visiting lighthouses along the California coast, but never had the chance.  In her own words: “To see the tugs towing the ships through the fog, the light cutting across the sea and hear the mournful sound of the fog horn would be a wish come true!”  An LPN in a VA hospital for over 20 years, Hill is now retired, but still volunteers as a senior companion and greeter at Armory Park Center in Tucson.  She also volunteers in her community at Pima Counseling on Aging and in her church.  Her wish to travel to California and see lighthouses came true on May 14, 2012 when she and companion, Wendy Reuter, traveled to California and toured the Point Montara and Pigeon Point lighthouses.

Merle C., 84, Tucson, AZ

Merle Crane, 84, worked hard throughout her life, finally retiring at the age of 74.  Merle has several medical issues that limit her mobility and she is not able to leave her home often.  Although most of her immediate family is deceased, Merle keeps in touch with her nieces and nephews, but can’t afford to call them on her limited income.  She wished for a computer so that she could keep in touch with them more easily.  Thanks to the Arizona chapter of Twilight Wish Foundation, Merle’s wish was granted on March 14, 2012.

Alberta H., 80, Tucson, AZ

Alberta Herlong, 80, is housebound due to her many medical issues including leukemia.  Despite being ill, she still volunteers from her home for the nearby Armory Senior Center and writes poetry.  In 2004, Alberta was recognized for her volunteerism, receiving her 4,000 hours pin from the Armory Senior Center.  Because she spends so much time in her home, she watches a great deal of television.  She wished for a new television because the sound in her old one didn’t work anymore.  Her wish was granted on March 14, 2012, thanks to the generosity of the Vasques family who donated the television.  Pictured: junior wish granter, Gabrielle Mach, with Alberta.

Connie B., Tucson, AZ

 Connie is under Hospice care for end stage COPD.  Her wish was to have a gold cross necklace and an engraved Bible.  Connie’s wish was granted by our Arizona Chapter.

Harley, 91, Tucson, AZ

Harley is a diehard University of Arizona basketball fan.  He never misses a game on TV.  His wish was to meet Coach Lute Olsen and the men’s basketball team.  On May 17, 2007, Harley’s dream came true when Coach Olsen and some of his players visited Harley at the VA Medical Center’s dialysis unit.  Harleys’ wish was granted by the Arizona Chapter.

John N., 80, Tucson, AZ

John, 80, an elderly resident of Tucson and a huge softball fan, had his wish to attend a University of Arizona softball game granted, thanks to the Arizona chapter of national nonprofit Twilight Wish Foundation.

John, was a season ticket holder for the University of Arizona’s softball team for years.  Due to health problems, he can no longer attend games on a regular basis and requires a wheelchair to get around.  His wish was to attend one more softball game at Hillenbrand Memorial Stadium to cheer on his beloved Wildcats! 

A Navy veteran, he volunteered throughout his life, serving as Boy Scout Master for four years.  He also volunteered for 17 years at the Department of Economic Security’s adaptation station, making special furniture for the handicapped and has been an active member of the Builders Masonic Lodge #60 in Tucson for over 50 years. 

His wish came true during the Wildcats’ last home game vs. UCLA on Saturday, May 15, 2010 at Hillenbrand Stadium.  Rose Muzzy, Director of the Arizona chapter of Twilight Wish, presented John with a wish certificate and Wildcats’ shirts and signed posters, donated by the University of Arizona.

Deborah R., 73, Tucson, AZ



 One of the few pleasures Deborah has is to watch television at night before she goes to sleep.  She finds it relaxes her and keeps her caught up on current events.  The small television she had no longer worked after the conversion to digital.   Twilight Wish Foundation’s Arizona Chapter presented Deborah with a small digital television in September 2009.