Kathryn C., 91, Henderson, NV

We are excited to begin planning Kathryn’s trip to Nebraska!  Thanks to our donors, we have met our fundraising goal and her wish will be granted soon.

Kathryn suffered a bout of polio at a young age which caused her to lose the use of her right arm.  She never learned to drive and was limited in many daily activities most take for granted.  Although she struggled financially while raising her children, she taught them the value of hard work, how to be responsible and how to appreciate what you have.  She is fascinated with her family history and loves to look at old photos of the places and people in her life.  She longs to visit her hometown of Lincoln, Nebraska to see some of these places in person once more.

Kathryn will be celebrating her 92nd birthday in March and we would love to make her wish come true!


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