Peter C., 75, McKeesport, PA

Peter Crnkovic, 75, is a veteran of the Air Force and former member of the now defunct McKeesport Sport Parachute Club in McKeesport.  He is very proud of the many successful jumps he made during the 1960’s.  His wish to skydive one more time was granted on Sunday, September 30, 2012 when he tandem jumped with an instructor at Skydive PA in Mercer, Pennsylvania.

Stella, 90, Donora, PA

Stella Banahasky, 90, a resident of Donora, Pennsylvania, had her wish for an electric lift chair granted, thanks to Twilight Wish Foundation. 

Banahasky lives with her daughter, but is alone during the day while her daughter is at work. Due to several medical issues including arthritis, it is difficult for her to get up and out of her chair on her own. Her daughter submitted the wish application on her behalf, requesting an electric lift chair that would make it easier for her to get up and out of her chair more easily and lessen the risk of her falling.  Her simple wish came true on Friday, January 13th, when her new lift chair was delivered.  Special thanks to Progressive Mobility and Medical of Washington, PA who discounted the cost of the chair for Twilight Wish and to a generous donor who sponsored the wish.

Grace S., 80, Monroeville, PA

Grace Signore, 80, is a lifelong Pittsburgh Pirates’ fan.  Signore has inoperable brain cancer, but still watches every game from her bed and sings “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” during every seventh inning stretch, according to her daughter.  Signore worked hard her whole life, finally retiring from her job as cook for the priest at her church after being diagnosed with brain cancer.  Her wish was to meet the Pirate Parrot.  Her family surprised her with a Pirate-themed party for her 80th birthday and the big surprise was a visit from the Pirate Parrot!  Her wish was granted on November 6, 2011.

Chauncy B., 87, Pittsburgh, PA

Chauncy, 87, is a lifelong Pittsburgh Steelers’ fan and currently resides in a Pittsburgh nursing home.  He has been generous to others throughout his life; donating his time, talent and resources to help others in need.  His original wish was to go to a Steelers’ game, but because he is no longer able to travel, Twilight Wish arranged for Steelers’ mascot, Steely McBeam, to visit him and the other residents of his nursing home, Heritage Place Nursing Home, on July 19th. To celebrate the visit, Heritage Place hosted a Steelers’ themed party for Chauncy and the other residents, complete with Terrible Towels and footage of past Steelers’ games.

Elizabeth S., 78, Pittsburgh, PA

Elizabeth needed extensive dental work.  Thanks to Doctor Guy Catone and our Western Pennsylvania Chapter, Elizabeth’s wish was granted in February 2011.


Frank, 80, Pittsburgh, PA

Frank’s wish is to take the other residents of his nursing home bowling!  His dream is to have 4 bowling parties a year for his friends at the nursing home. He would like to take 8 to 12 residents to the Funfest Family Center for 2 hours of bowling and pizza.

Thanks to our generous donors, Frank’s wish will be granted by our Western Pennsylvania Chapter on June 23, 2011!

 Wish ID: HQ1793

Vera Jean, 94, Washington, PA

Vera has helped others all her life.  She now has broken both hips and will have surgery soon.  She would love to have a reclining lift chair to aid in her recovery from surgery.

Vera Jean’s wish will be granted by our Western Pennsylvania Chapter on November 6, 2010!

Wish ID: WPA1442

Mavis W., 92, Pittsburgh, PA

At 92 years of age, Mavis still plays the autoharp and piano and enjoys entertaining others.  Born in Jamaica, she often performed in church missions, hospitals and jails, thriving on the joy she brought to others.  

After moving to the U.S. in the early 1970s, she continued her musical career, playing the piano, accordion, and pipe organ for various churches, nursing homes and community organizations.  Mavis wished for an autoharp so that she could continue sharing her gift of music with others. 

Our Western Pennsylvania Chapter presented Mavis with a new autoharp at a luncheon in her honor in December 2007.